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PVC windows

We offer a wide range of color and wood grain finishes, that make PVC windows look like they are made of wood, and still maintain all the advantages of PVC windows. You don’t need to paint such windows, they are easy to clean and the surface doesn’t change through years. 

  • A 6-chamber KBE, REHAU systems with a width (depth) of 80 mm guarantees a top level thermal and soundproofing insulation;
  • A profile of rounded panel edges (90 mm) ensures an exceptional appearance and high technical parameters;
  • We offer an opportunity of glazing with double – triple glazing units with a thickness of 24 mm and 44 mm;
  • Double and easy to change gaskets ensure beneficent insulation of windows;
  • Smooth external surfaces of windows that are resistant to climate and weather change are convenient to clean;
  • Furniture Maco, Rotto etc.

Our windows are glazed with two, three or four glass units with aluminum or plastic frames. The spaces between the glass units are filled with inert gases (argon). Thermal resistance of our glass unit varies from 1.1-0.4 Uw depending on the structure of its structure. Glass units are perfect for cold and humid weather. They keep the warm air inside during winter and do not let the heat in during summer. Selective glass do not let in UV rays, so objects near the window that constantly get sunlight get bleached less and less experience the negative sun exposure.

Sliding and folding systems

Sliding PVC doors will bring modernity and convenience to your home. It is an ideal solution for glazing of wide openings because PVC sliding systems retain heat and are tight, and installed water drainage quickly and easily remove a condensate. You can choose between manually or automatically openable PVC sliding doors. An automatic system is mostly used in large doors to ensure a convenient and durable door operation. Thanks to a broad color range sliding systems can be adapted to windows, doors or other building design elements. 

  • Possibilities glazing of large areas;
  • Sliding systems can be with a width of up to 3 meters and a height of 2,5 meters;
  • Can be painted by using powder paint in all colours of the RAL palette, they may be coated in various clear coats, by also imitating wood texture.
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