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Laminate floors

Our company represent laminate floors only in AC3, AC4 and AC5 resistance classes (AC Ratings*). We are working with reliables companies, which has long traditions in creating hight quality,allowing us to develope an excellent feel for expressing the authenticity of natural product in all its diversities.

*AC Ratings:

AC3 – rated laminate is the highest rating for homeowners and the lowest for commercial use. Homeowners can use AC3 rating to hold up in main living areas, hallways, and stairs.

AC4 – rated laminate is the first level designated for commercial use and suitable for residential use with heavy traffic.

AC5 – rated laminate is the highest durability rating. It’s intended to be used in high-traffic commercial buildings like restaurants, department stores, and large corporation traffic areas.

*Always store the hardwood flooring in dry conditionsand do not open the cartons until just before use. Our quality controllers have sorted and graded the flooring plank. Should there be any doubt concerning grading and/or visual defects, it is important that claims be made prior to the fooring being installed.

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